Man, its getting hotter huh? World is heating up and the polar ice caps are melting, penguins and polar bears are dying and soon our world is going to resemble a Wendys' frosty. I'm pretty scared guys. This is some serious shit. We need to cut back on our energy use and stop shoving so much terrible shit into the atmosphere.

Hahaha no sorry that's insane, the earth goes through these periods every now an then, warming followed by ice age followed by a nice middle ground, then warming again. We're simply in a new warming period and its not our fault at all. Nothing we can do could cause such an immense and fundamental change and such thought is egotistical.

Ok how about you both shut up. Both sides of this argument miss one single massive issue. If global warming is our fault or not, its still happening right? Even slowly? ok well I do not want my earth to flood. Am I the only one who sees it this way? Why argue about causes and reasons and the root problems? It does no good for anyone at all.

This is the issue I've been considering recently. I saw This fellow on a couple TV shows and he kinda sparked some thinking in my old noggin. I know he looks like a douche bag but he's actually kinda cool and has raised some points I'm going to steal for this article.

Ok first up, It does not matter who's fault it is. Global Warming is happening. If its our fault, well shit sorry guys our bad, if its earth's fault well fuck you earth I was planning on living near the coast (I suppose that'll be loads easier now anyway). The fact of the matter is that pretty soon some awful shit is gonna happen to this ball of rock we call our home and we need to do something about it REGARDLESS OF WHY ITS HAPPENING.

I can't imagine why anyone would disagree with me here (besides trying to make stupid point about how Global warming ain't no thang. tell that to our ancestors who lived through the last ice age. I imagine they probably didn't get much of a kick out of it. Its easy for us to go "welp let someone else deal with it" but if we keep saying that eventually we'll all fucking die.

Second, We can not solve global warming by driving hybrids and stopping our progress. No one on earth is going to voluntarily lower their standard of living for some vague unexplained problem that will not effect them and might not even effect their children. Why bother even trying? Instead lets maybe work out some ways to solve the problem using the thing we humans do best; Inventing some awesome shit.

The glorious fact of the matter is that humans could stop global warming, we could reverse it using shit like making more, whiter clouds and placing mirrors over deserts to reflect heat out, some of the stuff in this video would help too (some of it is terrible but the science is mostly good)

My point is we have the technology to solve this problem, so lets stop arguing who knocked over the vase and just fix the damn vase. We have the glue and the smarts and no one wants a smashed up vase just lying there, pick up all the little bits and lets deal with the problem rather than making it a massive political shit storm.


Book 23 - Getting stoned with Savages by J. Maarten Troost

Sequel to Pacific Parasite-A-thon, our intrepid explorer now decided to check out Fiji and the surrounding islands

I actually finished this ages ago and just forgot to write my little bit. This book is really fun and entertaining. All my feelings about Troost hold over to this book and I just have to say its a delight to read about his adventures. I still don't want to go anywhere near the hellscapes he describes, but he seems to enjoy them enough. I absolutely love the fact that he spends a good long time talking about the histories and worlds within the islands he visits. It would be easy in his shoes to just write about silly things the islanders did but he takes it much further beyond that.

All I can really say is I enjoyed it cause its a lot like his last book and I suggest you check it out.


GM Rules, Organic Drools

Do you worry about GM foods? Do you ever sit around your grande latte and say stuff like "You know I just don't think we should mess with nature" or "Technology and Nature just shouldn't be mixed" or "We just don't know the long term effects, science doesn't know everything"?

Its you.

You are the dumbest person.

Genetically modified food is one of the greatest innovations mankind has ever made. It has saved literally billions of lives. Its guessed that Norman Borlaugh, one of the leading proponents of GM food, personally saved one billion lives. I know I'm constantly blowing figures out of proportion to make a point but I mean it. The man literally is responsible for 1/7th of the entire population having something to eat.

He did that with some incredible science and a will to save people. For those keeping score by the way, that's 1Billion to Scientists, 0 to stinking hippies and Greenpeace.

In today's world, its cool to reject science, because we're all backwards ass idiots with weird guilt problems about the earth, as though it belongs to anyone but us. But the fact is science is why you have enough food to be able to choose between your Organic yoghurt and the GM food, science is why you are able to live long enough to bother wondering about what we're doing to the planet, if you wanted us to stop fucking around with nature you should go back 1000 years and kill off anyone who comes up with the idea of crop rotation or irrigation or genetic modification.

Genetic modification? I'm just saying that to be funny right? No you moron. Breeding plants together to create stronger strains has been around since forever, and that's all GM is. No squid genes, no fluffy corn, just more corn per acre, more disease resistance and better tasting food. Its fucking awesome.

Honestly though this is a bit of an old topic, I don't think many people seriously believe that GM foods are bad, especially no one who is likely to read this blog. But just in case, here. There's been an actual lowering in stomach cancers in the past 10 years. There's been a lowering of colon and rectum cancer. In fact to cut this short, there's been a lowering of every cancer since 2000. GM foods are not causing cancer in any way shape or form. Considering ever bit of food you eat is GM in some way shape or form, even if you grow it yourself in your own stupid hippy garden, its not surprising that the issue is still seen as "inconclusive" to some. If GM food killed people, we'd have a lot more dead people frankly, and the opposite is happening.

 Never mind the fact that every single food agency and peer-reviewed science journal has declared GM food safe and the only people who disagree are "The Organic Farmers Association" and Greenpeace. In the interests of fairness, some reports have also been published by heavily pro GM lobbyist groups stating the safety of GM food. Let it be known that I think dishonesty is horrible no matter which side is being dishonest.

Anyway, there's your rant and your evidence to back my shit up. Stop bitching about something that has genuinely saved the world. A lot of you guys don't realise this but 30 years ago people were very very worried about where we'd get food from, people were terrified that we'd not be able to grow enough shit to feed everyone on the earth. Well we solved that problem with GM foods and its benefits. GM foods literally saved the human race and all we can do is pretend we're too good for it.

To say nothing of all the brown people who would die if you shitty organic cunts got your way
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