Book 14: The Sex Lives of Cannibals by J. Maarten Troost

The author follows his wife to a tiny, hellish atoll in the middle of the south pacific and tells us all about his fantastic adventures.

Reading this book gave me a fantastic sense of adventure. It seems like not a day went by in Troosts stay on Kiribati with him being attacked by sharks or riding in a plane that has more in common with a bus. Every turn of the page brought new, exciting, funny adventures that filled me with a real sense that even here, in space year 2010, its possible to be a real adventurer. Funny, heartwarming and all round fun to read.

The book has another side though, below its surface. It critiques western culture, attacks the things we rely on and shows us what happens when we tamper in other peoples lives. The I-Kiribati are a poor, desalute people whom every meeting with the western world only damages their already corrupt and broken government more. At the same time it makes you feel like, well, maybe its not so bad. Though that may be the author's way of dealing with it.

I would highly suggest this book. Its fascinating and Troost is the perfect man to tell this tale. You won't be disappointed.
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