World Ending, Hurrah.

I don't really have any investigative stuff to post here, only some basless assumptions and ideas that may be wrong and sound VERY SCARY so maybe it will attract some attention because I love attention.

A couple days ago the British government decided to ground and ban all flights to Yemen. This followed a "terrorist" that, as Tim Key put it, Blew his balls off. Based on some tenuous links that the man was from Yemen, thats apparently reason enough to completely cut off the country.

Some (all 4 of you) may know where I stand in regards to British foreign policy (and basically all British policy ever), for those that don't (Hello!) it can be summed up in the words "I" "Dont" "Like" "It". So I may be biased, oh well, I don't claim to be a paragon of integrity or an unbiased news source and this blog is just a tube I like to yell into and piss and whine so lets not get caught up in that.

So now you can't get to there from here, aside from the problems I see this causing the Yemen people, does no one else see how unbelievably unfair this is? We never closed the airports to Leeds, or Bradford or Jamaica when the last group of mentals tried (and succeeded that time) in blowing a bunch of people into bits. Maybe because those places arn't deserts filled with brown people.

I have avoided mentioning the obvious till now though. The upcoming war against Yemen. Just another desert for us to bomb into glass I suppose. Except its not, Yemen is unequivocally one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here let me show you;

Look at that, look at the green, I know the buildings look kinda shoddy but I'm not here to do the work for you, go look up the incredible buildings and palaces in the country for yourselves. Then say goodbye to them because they (might) be gone very soon.

(as a very quick aside Iraq, Afghanistan and all of the other middle east countries we've went to "war" with are full of beautiful, breathtaking sights, but I know people from Yemen and none from Iraq and complaining about the Iraq war is now passée. I'm trying to go big-time here people)

With that out of the way, lets try and discern the real reason for a potential bloodbath in Yemen. It has oil, all though very little and the country is currently shitting itself as it runs out, so it can't be that. No real resources of importance to us. Oh wait, thats right, Its another boogeyman target for you to hurl hatred and abuse at because its got terrorists and we're the valiant good guys who need to slay this improbable beast.

I'm being a cock here, I'm being your typical smelly collage protester by suggesting we'd go to war or cut off contact with a country just to keep the populace scared, but in honesty I see no other reason for it. If you can, answers on a postcard to the usual address.

I certainly can't wait to destroy another rich group of people for no reason other than too keep people scared. I look forward to the rolling news coverage, the useless protests, the massive increase in military spending (US already spends most of its budget on military, enough to pay off the national debt infact, the UK is not too shabby either, spending about $60 Billion on guns to shoot brown people with. For those that need a visual representation, thats about 40 nuclear power plants, enough to run the entire country off. Forever)

Go team.
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