Fuck Apple

I want to push Steve Jobs down a well.

Not that it would help of course, according to most apple enthusiasts he'd simply stand on the water, levitate up and present me with a compact stylish new music player or  toaster oven or some other shiny white turd ripped from a cheesey 70s sci fi serial but with less functionality. Oh no Flash, I can't get my Smiths album to load because my MP3 player is shit.

Maybe its gulibility or more likley the same tribalism that binds all of us to our certain lifestyles but somehow Jobs has managed to create a cult surrounding his substandard products. The irony of this is they seem to consider Apple the "good guys", the Paridiso to Microsoft's Inferno when this could not be farther from the truth. Lets find out why!

I'll start with evidence that MS is the devil. Well, I suppose the first thing they did was aggressively market MS-DOS and various other DOS products over genuinely better software. I will concede this is kinda a dick move but when you are in the business world its usually whoever makes the most dick moves wins. Apple themselves are guilty even today of marketing substandard products to their fan base for exuberant amounts of money. Two wrongs certainly don't make a right, but my point is in the world of business there are much much worse things than Aggressive marketing.

Evil Evidence Number Two: The whole monopoly thing. Yes this could be seen as evil if you are litterally a baby. MS is not a monopoly, After all Apple is doing oh so well!

Which leaves pretty much the only real reason anyone has to hate MS, the thing that seems to effect everything in the end. Money.

Yes Microsoft makes alot of money! Is all of this money made from horrible back room deals, cloak and dagger shit, satanic soul part exchanges? No. No of course not you moron. They make that money because Mac, Linux and whatever other childish, horrifically programmed operating systems are shit and are designed by a buntch of Internet hippies who are too pussyfaced to actually go outside and protest something decide to band together to make the worlds worst OS instead. Fuck you dad, I'm designing a lunux distro and its gonna change the WORLD! *includes use for scroll lock, negates to properly test anything*.

Microsoft's clown sized pockets are the cause of alot of antagonism toward them, so let me clear the air for a moment and show you where all of those billions of dollars go and come from.

Based off of some of their quarterly revenue reports, MS makes most of its money from server and business applications. This is no suprise to anyone, what may surprise you is where that money goes. Contery to popular belief the money does not fill the Gates Money Vault, instead the vast majority of it is pumped back into the company, a significant amount paying for wonderful things like R&D, infrastructure costs and pictures of Steve "The Woz" Wozinack to put on dart boards all around the company.

But heres the big kicker, the reason MS will always beat Apple in the eyes of anyone over the age of 15.

Currently Microsoft stands as one of the most charitable companies in the world, with Bill personally have recently made the single largest charitable plegde in the world (A quite staggering $10 Billion dollars to vaccination research and delivery). The total number of corperate donations stands at around $2.8 Billion dollars, mostly to charities dealing with the third world, sick blind kids and that kind of thing.

Despite my best efforts I am unable to see what, if anything, Apple donate to such worthy causes. Argue all the want about how MS is rich enough to do that, but I've yet to see Apple applying its corperate image to help people, only to cheat attention seeking pricks out of their money.

Not all Attention seeking pricks though, as is evident by this post!

Chruch Decides to Fuck Poor

(aside, Yes I did stop posting, no I will not apologise, yes I have wrote more slenderman stuff, no I dont think anyone is actually reading this)

A couple weeks ago the Catholic church in Washington DC decided that it would finally lay down the law on Gay and lesbian marriage. They did this by threatening to stop all social contact and help toward the homless people. Stop me if you've heard this one already.

Yes thats right, a church is lowering itself to the kind of childish inane gesture that it touts itself as being so high above. What a bleeding surprise. I am shocked, blown away by this, shook to my very core. I simply can not comprehend a group based solely around pretending to help people while simultaneously hurting and damaging all those who stand in the way of their plans (or money. Whats the difference really) would go massively out of their way to hurt some people just because their billion year old flavour of witchcraft is slowly being phased out of society.

The church makes me sick. I'm not going to bring religion into this because at the heart of the issue this is not about religion. There is nothing religious going on here. fact of the matter is the catholic church runs shelterers and hospitals an soup kitchens and other such niceties that cater and help nearly one third of all the homeless people in Washington DC. This would affect about 6000 people. Love Thy Neighbour! But not if he's gay! Then you need to literally kill thousands of people! Its right there in the bible folks.

I realise this is an old topic. Thankfully the church also lacked the nuts to follow through on their horrific plan and those loveable gays seem poised to get their marriage. For once it seems justice prevailed. Its nice when that happens. I'll leave you with a nice bible passage;

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, I was a stranger and you did not welcome me, naked and you did not clothe me, sick and in prison and you did not visit me.’ Then they also will answer, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to you?’ - Mattew 25:40-45

Prisons are the worst things ever. Pt 1.

I remember when I was younger I was in an RE class. RE stands for Religious Education and is compulsery in alot of schools in this country. Its sort of a hybrid between a "Learn about Religion" and "Learn about Politics an stuff" class, where we'd learn about immigration, different cultures and various different issues with the underlining "And THIS is what THIS religion thinks about THIS topic". Topics included Abortion, Women's rights, Homosexual rights and, in my case, the death penalty.At the time, I was a dumb kid and thought an eye for an eye was a perfectly acceptable idea. More recently, as I've matured I suppose, I've realised not only is the death penalty wrong, the entire system is fundementaly wrong.

(A quick aside. I will be talking mostly about US prison systems, The UK has significantly better prisons but they still have all the same problems, just in a much much lesser regard.)

Now, I realise this is a slightly Out There view point, but hell if the seceret police start rounding people up I'm probably already going to disappear so I might as well air any "nonstandard" feelings I have while I'm here. I believe all Prisons as they stand should be abolished. Thats slightly hyperbolic, In an optimal world I'd simply say I want them to reform and allow prisoners the basic human rights everyone in the world deserves and allow an enviroment where rehabilitation can occur. This can not currently happen in any of the US prisons at all.

I'm going to throw a number out there, 100,000. That is the number of rapes in prison every single year. There are half a million minutes in a year. The average time a rape lasts is around 10 minutes. That means that chances are right now someone is being raped in prison. That persons' life is being destroyed. This treatment they are reciving RIGHT NOW will force them into a cycle of self destructive behavour, they will commit more crimes when they finanlly get out, become cold to their wife or girlfriend, eventually blocking out all emotional support and in the end will likley purpetrate the cycle again. And thats after he gets out of prison the first time. If.

Theres the argument that the deserve it, knew it was coming, shouldn't have commited the crime. I think thats the weakest argument against this. If you seriously believe its justifiable to ruin someone's entire life, and chance at reform, regardless of the crime then you are a broken human being. Lets consider what prison is supposedly for shall we;

Prison is supposed to be a place where the guilty can be held, reformed and pushed to become a hard working contributing member of society. This is supposed to be achived through a series of programs, workshops and help sessions.

In reality, prison does not even begin to provide the correct enviroment for this. Prisoners do not have access to basic health care, most do not get simple counciling, all are under the threat of serious violence at all times from gangs and the guards. Basic excorsise is limited, social interation even with other prisoners is held as a carrot infront of them. This is not primarily because of the prisoners. This is policy. The main problem in a prison is commonly seen as Gangs. This is true on some levels, this however ignores the fact that gangs are essencially an insitutionized policy. The Machine actively encuraged gangs and gang violence as this keeps prisoners fighting each other, as so long as they do that, the Machine can feed.

Prisons are supposed to be, if nothing else at all, Safe. In reality the prison system is a Machine. A machine expertly designed to break, eat, reguritate and eat again. It feeds upon people and suffering and hate and every single time a person is raped (like right now.) or beaten or locked in solitary for years regardless of guilt, they become a part of the machine, Either the food that feeds it or, should they pass on this pain and hate, one of its bloodied talons, a tip of its grinding teeth.

I've addressed rape and gangs briefly here, theres much much more to go over, such as the coruption within the system, the guards, the torture, false imprisonment and other wonderful topics. I will get around to them I promise. For now I leave you with a story.

Chris J. got gang-raped in prison today. He needs surgery to fix his rectum, and probably other medical attention for the rest of his injuries but he's probably not going to get it. He knows this and is thinking about the pain his rectal scarring is going to cause him for the rest of his life. He laid in his bed for a little while covered in semen and his own blood thinking about AIDS. Since shower time has come and gone, he cleaned himself up with the water in the toilet, he also sat on it for a long time trying as hard as he could to evacuate all the semen out of him. His phone card was stolen as punishment for fighting back and he doesn't have any money in his account to call anyone on the outside, so he's just trying to deal with it on his own. Many inmates and guards are already making fun of him and discussing prices for having a go at him within his earshot. After TV time he's going to have to try and sleep in his cell with 2 other guys who ain't trying to hear his sob story and may even have been involved in his attack.

The pictures of his wife and kids were taken as punishment with promises to defecate or ejaculate on them while a different man was inside him as further punishment for fighting back. He's been clean for 9 months but that heroin would make all this pain go away for just a little while. Chris is more likely than not to go back to the heroin.

Chris will never be able to fully express the pain and rage caused by his rape even to a professional; and he's definitely not getting insurance which covers the help he needs when he gets out. This psychological trauma will have a severe impact on his ability to have healthy relationships on the Outside- out in the World- and will likely lead to bad arguments with his wife resulting in domestic violence. The effects his mental state has on his kids will be profound and probably irreversible. They might grow up in the sort of state in which prison is a very real possibility. When they find out what happened to dad how will they react?

His pain and anger will manifest itself in all sorts of ways and he might go off on some taxpayer in a convenience store or seriously injure someone who cuts him off in traffic. When that happens Chris will go back to prison and there will be similar ripple effects on his victims. Even if that doesn't happen remember Chris uses heroin to suppress his pain and will likely be re-arrested on a drug charge or a property crime he did to get heroin money.

Since there are no secrets in prison when Chris returns it will already be known he is a bitch who likes it in the ass, and he will have to become someone's sex slave. Staff will encourage this. Or he can stab somebody to try get a new rep. If he wins the knife fight & isn't killed outright, the person he kills has loved ones & family members who will become enraged at this, and the violence will continue.

What happened to Chris happened to 200 people today if you go by Alberto Gonzales' DOJ. If you go by HRW it happened to more than 400 people. This does not include juveniles in programs like Nihilanthic posts.

This is every day, every state. There are no exceptions. Going by HRW's numbers it's one Chris every four minutes.

You could be the next Chris, no matter how white you are- no matter how rich your family is. The Machine cares not. It must feed and It will feed.

And the Machine will never be satisfied.

(A huge chunk of this info and the story here comes from a thread on SomethingAwful.com by the fantastic HidingfromGoro, a man who has seen these injustices first hand and held many of the victims of the system. Read more of his stuff at the wikilink in the article.)
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