Guest Article by Professor Matlock


So I was sat in my physics class the other day and I thought to myself, why can’t we bend light? You are told constantly through school that ‘oh no light ONLY travels in a straight line’. For some reason I decided this wasn’t true. So I brought out the laser we had lying around and I worked out a way to prove conventional wisdom wrong. Diffraction was my first thought, so with the help of two little sticks of lead from a mechanical pencil, light was bent and everything I’d been taught about light was proved to be all an utter lie. This intrigued me and I decided to set out on a quest. A quest to find out everything my education had lied to me about!

You are told through school that you are made of atoms and waves are like vibrations. So we could not have a wavelength right? WRONG! the average persons’ has a wave length of about 1.8 X 10-18  now that’s just a roundabout figure because that shit is crazy complex. But in a case like this I can see why school lied to you, I mean look at this equation---H/WGΔS=Lamda  Now do you know what that means? No, but I can but that’s because I’m awesome, but importantly you can’t, and neither can a 10 year old. My point is that school was probably right to lie to you all.

Now, the second thing I found to be a lie is how school explained electricity. When in secondary school I was told the reason electricity wont flow down a wire is because the circuit is not complete, but how would the electricity know? Imagine being in a car and driving to your destination, you don’t know there are road works around the corner. Is the electricity psychic?  No, how it works is there is a knock on effect, one electron hits the other and so on, like angry rugby players or twilight fans at a midnight screening. Another thing you were told is that if you stuck a block of wood in a circuit then it wouldn’t work, also not true, if you shoved enough charge in that block of wood, it WILL conduct, not very well but your little light bulb will light up. Literally any material in the world can be forced to be a conductor, given enough LIGHTNING.

So I guess what I’m saying is that schools do lie to you, this causes a ton of confusion, nobody knows how anything really works and if they do its normally simplified childlike explanations. Even me, a totally rad physics nerd, was confused as heck when I was told you can out run electricity. I guess What I’m saying is that I don’t expect primary schools to teach their children advanced quantum physics so they know how they see things, but it wouldn’t hurt to explain a few things.
Thanks for wasting your time on my article.

That was Matlock writing is very first blogpost. His stuff is a little akward but I think he has some raw talen that just needs honing. We'll see how it works out.
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